Free Rapid Application Development and
Application Lifecycle Management Library

The RAD/ALM Library was created to be a launching pad for new systems development. It incorporates the programs and files that are common to all systems into an application development toolkit. The execution of one command replicates the the toolkit into a workspace for the development and management of a new program product.

The library, IPGMR_BASE, can be likened to a neighborhood playground. It provides the land, the fencing, the basic playground equipment, and the tools needed to maintain the playground. You add the other amenities that make the park unique and special to your neighborhood.

The land, in this case, is a development library. Command iCRTDEVLIB creates the development library and replicates the contents of IPGMR_BASE into it. It is run once in the life of the system to create the workspace to be used for application development and testing.

In addition to the land, or workspace, the development library provides fencing or access control through role based user profiles and application menus. It provides the basic equipment in the form of model programs and API's. API's, or Application Program Interfaces, are like pre-fabricated modules that can be used to expidite the creation of the playground amenities, or the application programs.

Click here for a demonstration of the IPGMR_BASE date API.
Click here for a demonstration of the IPGMR_BASE city name API.
Click here for a demonstration of the IPGMR_BASE mileage API.

For maintenance tools there is iCRTDISLIB. It creates distribution (i.e. production) libraries from the development library. System release and modification level is managed through iCRTDISLIB. Build date and time further identify the currency of active user systems. A report log is provided for documenting system changes and fixes. Other tools help with the testing and implementation of system updates.

IPGMR_BASE even helps with the cleanup. There is a framework provided for the purging and archiving of outdated file data. Model purge programs can be adapted to any system and added to the purge scheduler. The program model monitors file progress, builds archive files and indexes the archives for retrieval if needed.

Click here  for a full overview of IPGMR_BASE.


The IPGMR_BASE download library will be updated as refinements are made to its contents and processes. Changes will be documented in the IPGMR_BASE report log. Downloading an updated version of the IPGMR_BASE library will affect only new derrivative program products (i.e. initialized by iCRTDEVLIB). Existing derrivative works can be updated where that would be beneficial, but is not ever necessary.