Free iSeries EDI Integration Software

  • New to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?
  • Dissatisfied with your current level of EDI integration?
  • Finding it difficult to implement new transaction sets?
  • Unable to play with the big boys (Wal-Mart, Target, GE,...)?
  • Need better documentation of your EDI infrastructure?
  • Want the ability to track EDI activity from your applications?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, the mEDIator may be able to help. The mEDIator is an iSeries middleware program product that bridges the gap between your application programs and your EDI translator or your VAN (Value Added Network). It provides a common methodology for integrating EDI into your business processes and for documenting the flow of data from your systems to EDI and from EDI to your systems.

The mEDIator provides an Application Program Interface (API) that can be called from any iSeries program to record a pending EDI transaction. For example, the API can be called from an order fulfillment program to request the creation of an 856 Shipment Notification message for a completed customer order. The API can also be used to record the receipt of an inbound messages and to notify users of pending EDI activity.

Another API retrieves and displays the EDI data related to a system activity. For example, the API can be called from an order inquiry program to display the original 850 Purchase Order data sent by the customer to place the order, or the 855 PO Acknowledgement returned to the customer accepting the order, or the 997 generated by the customer's system acknowledging the receipt of the 855.

The mEDIator also documents the flow of data from your systems to EDI and from EDI to your systems. For example, you send out an 810 invoice message and you want to know what the data source is for unit price. The mEDIator Transaction Set Inquiry will show you that unit price, element IT1-04, receives its data from file BORDTL, Billed Order Detail, field BORUP, Unit Price. Conversely, the mEDIator will also identify the target file and field of inbound EDI message data elements.

NOTE: BORDTL and BORUP are from the IAS A/R invoicing system. Creating element references that reflect your systems data identifiers is part of the mEDIator setup process.


It should be understood that the mEDIator is just one piece of the EDI puzzle. A fully integrated EDI system also requires an iSeries based translator and communication system. Moreover, integrating the mEDIator into your application programs does require the work of your programming staff or the services of We can help you with:

  • Document Definitions
  • Transaction Mapping
  • Trading Partner Setup
  • Integration Programming
  • Processing Automation
  • Translator Configuration
  • Communications

If the integration of the mEDIator with your existing systems is not possible, or if your current systems are not providing you with the tools you need to manage a growing enterprise, you might consider looking at the Integrated Accounting System. It has all the functions and features of the mEDIator already integrated into its systems and, like all program products, is available to you free and without obligation.

We encourage you to take some time to review our list of frequently asked questions to learn more about the mEDIator. Please feel free to call us at 320.200.2920 with any other questions you may have.