iPgmr.com Collaboration Program

The iPgmr.com Collaboration Program is intended to encourage the interchange of ideas and solutions for users of the IBM midrange systems. All of our software is distributed free of charge and includes all source code.

The goals of the collaboration program are:

  • To add to the functionality of existing iPgmr.com systems
  • To Develop application interfaces with other systems
  • To provide a portal for free and open iSeries software

As a user of iPgmr.com applications, you will have needs which are beyond the scope of the existing systems. We will work with you to design and implement enhancements into the base code so they can be made available to all of our users. We will also help you with user-specific enhancements which can serve as a model for requests from other users.

Although our no-cost software license specifically disallows the redistribution of iPgmr.com software, we do grant redistribution rights when requested. If you are a software developer or a value-added remarketer/reseller, you can include iPgmr.com program products as a free compliment to your system offerings.

We are also interested in adding your submissions to our download library. Submissions must be complete and include all source code. They must also be distributed free of charge. So if you have something to share, let us know.

If you are interested in participating in the iPgmr.com Collaboration Program, please email iPgmr.com@hotmail.com or call 320-200-2920.


Click here to learn more about the iPgmr.com development model and how it expidites and manages application development.