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$$CITY is an RPG program that resolves city names to a common abbreviated form. That is how cities are identified in the iPgmr.com location file. This prevents problems that would otherwise arise from having multiple definitions for the same location.

For example, consider St. Paul, MN. Or should that be Saint Paul, or St Paul (no period)? $$CITY accepts a city name, converts it to upper case, removes special characters and resolves abbreviations. Thus users can enter any acceptable form of the city name and $$CITY will resolve it to an identified location name for processing.

Another API used by this application is $$PCODE, which resolves city from postal code. Although U.S. zip codes can be an effective means of identifying a location, it is not perfect. Zip codes identify a postal facility and do not always resolve to a single location.

Enter a city and state or a postal code and click Submit to process your request.

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