Free AS400, iSeries and Power Systems Application Software

  • Complete turn-key program products
    Restore and run ready
    All source code included **
    Step-by-step implementation instructions
    Click here for links to accounting documents.
  • All new structured RPG code
    Compatible with older systems (AS400, iSeries)
    Converts itself to RPGLE with supplied utilty
    Extendable to web services with CGI
    Click here to view a CGI order entry demo.
  • Menu driven systems
    Role-based access control
    Clear, concise, and logical operations
    Easy to modify and customize
    Click here to view accounting menu images.
  • Multi-level user help support
    Data field value prompting
    Source based, SEU maintainable help text
    Display and search API
    Click here to view an example of help text.
  • Dynamic user controlled output management
    API control of output queue, form type, copies, ...
    Individualized program and user defaults
  • Object oriented framework for future development
    Well established, consistent user interface model
    Extensive use of API programs for common functions
    Click here for a demonstration of the date API.
    Click here for a demonstration of the city name API.
  • Click here for a demonstration of the mileage API.

           ____________________________________________ program products are distributed under our no-cost software license. There are no hidden costs. Everything is included, even the source code. The systems are yours to use as is or to modify in any way you want. Fee-based support services are available if you want them.

Send us a completed license agreement and we'll send you the current production version of the requested program product, or download an iSeries *SAVF of the current version right now. It's just that simple.

**  With the exception of the RAD/ALM library and the programmer utilitites, RPG and DDS source is not included in *SAVF downloads. A license agreement is required to receive the production version of a system that does include the source code.

We encourage you to take some time to review our list of frequently asked questions to learn more about us and our product offerings. Please feel free to call us at 320.200.2920 with any other questions you may have.


Although our no-cost software license specifically disallows the redistribution of software, we do grant redistribution rights through our collaboration program. If you are a software developer or a value-added remarketer/reseller, you can include program products as a free compliment to your system offerings.

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In addition to support for our program products, we also provide general iSeries system support. Please visit Hornibrook Company Computing for more information.

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