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  IAS Payroll Overview  

Earnings Amount  
Status   S=Single, M=Married
Exemptions   (0-10)
Payroll Frequency   W=Weekly, B=BiWeekly,
S=SemiMonthly, M=Monthly
Pay Date   MM DD YY
    2021 W4 Entries Optional
2 Job Checkbox   W4, Line 2c, X or blank
Dependent Credit   W4, Line 3
Other Income   W4, Line 4a
Additional Deductions   W4, Line 4b

The iPgmr.com Integrated Accounting System (IAS) Payroll (PR) sub-system will support most any tax formula, federal, state, or local. The system also provides the means to differentiate taxable and non-taxable income for each tax type.

The source for this calculator is our test system, which has formulas and tables defined for FICA (Social Security and Medicare) tax, federal income tax and Minnesota state income tax. These definitions serve as examples for users setting up their own payroll processes.

iPgmr.com will assist with setting up and maintaining tax formulas and tables as well as any other payroll definitions such as earnings, deductions, FTE allocations, work schedules, benefit costs, and earned hour accumulations. Such support is billable at our current hourly rate.